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 Tulku's second set of spells

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PostSubject: Tulku's second set of spells   Wed Apr 01, 2009 1:22 am

spell 1)

Description: When i cast this spell light shines to make the place that i am at light up like day. The spell lasts for as long as i am in a dark area. Mp: 5 for every 3 of my posts.

spell 2)

Description: When i cast this spell a shield of magic appears around whatever i am pointing at. Yes it can be me. The spell lasts for 10 posts. Mp: 50

spell 3)

Description: When i cast this spell any thing that is coming towards me, whether magic or a weapon, i reflect half to all of the damage back to the person/creature that did it. The spell lasts for 5 posts. Mp: 5
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Tulku's second set of spells
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